WREATH Untouched nature is the closest thing to perfection and simple harmony of all that exists. Humans are destructors, wishing to take things from where they belong in order to possess them. It is humanly trait trying to be in control. Fake means it can be controlled.

picture of art object

INTERWAR picture of art installationpicture of art installation Video projection is placed in an art school in underground room which is reachable by going down the short staircase (with high frequency sounds installed on top of the stairs and low frequency sounds installed downstairs)and entering trough heavy bunker doors. When standing face to the video installation low frequency sounds are still heard in the back.

The name of this installation is an essential part of the concept. The word is mainly associated with the period between the IWW ant the IIWW, but there are no signs of the 20th century in this work. The fragmented video montage shows “fresh” slow motion video sights from current years. This discrepancy makes a viewer question why the period we live is linked with the one of the past. The environment of the installation is a bit threatful. Slow motion nostalgic video fragments may make the viewer feel distant and feel the longing for the present. The 21st century does not have a separation from the flow of history.

When the present times are regarded as a part of the history it is easier to see that like all the periods of peace had once ended, our peace is not forever either. Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote: “Realize that war is common and justice is strife, and that all things come into being and pass away through strife.” According to him peace is just an interruption of a war that is a normal and necessary state of evolution. We are a single letter in a long book. Even though, the past may seem like a distant reality, we are trapped and inseparable from the flow of the history.

Things that are obviously temporary and brittle are apreciated more. That is the purpose of this work to spark admiration for the situation we live in.

REALITY TRANSFORMS WITH TIMEpicture of a girl splashing into a blowup pool